Jonas Arrabal - Keren Moscovitch - Marianna Olinger

Improvised | Collaborative | Interactive

3 artists, 2 languages, multiple locations

40 Days of virtual exchange, weaving a long-distance imaginary love affair sprouted from the basic human need to love another being, be it real or hallucinated from the fog of longing.

#three3some @Instagram


#leonovember awoke to a #rayofsunlight piercing his swollen eyelids, capillaries bursting into #fireworks before his sheltered pupils. Coughing up a glob of smoky phlegm, his first thoughts were that he missed the feel of her skin through #cheapnylons, and that he desperately needed a beer. #three3some

He begged her to appear in his dreams. All that greeted him was an emptiness the color of desperate madness. #three3some

A good #poem caresses the spot right behind cognition, where melancholy and metaphor intersect, the nerve that twitches wildly from the subtlest trigger. A good love affair touches that same nerve, encasing it with paradox and loneliness. The lover is lulled into thinking it is significant. But #leonovember came to believe that nothing is significant until it dies. #three3some

Their time together was like a #shipinthedistance. Dark and substantial, but on the edge of dissolution. The briefest of encounters would remain etched on his fingertips. #leonovember #pierthebadsinger #three3some

Leo would not allow himself to remember the look in Pier’s eyes when Alice ran her #lips over his. He willed himself to forget the #tasteofhermouth and the salty beads of sweat rolling rolling rolling… He chose to ignore the somersaults in his gut. Picture Number 146 #deleted #threesome