Me Into You Monograph

Me Into You is a 64-page limited edition monograph self-published in the summer of 2012 and chronicles my experiences in an open relationship. Images from the series can be seen here.

In his monograph essay about Me Into You, Allen Frame refers to the work's "radical content" and it is precisely this content that makes self-publishing so exciting. Commercial publishers tend to shy away from images as challenging as these and it is up to the artist and my contributors to bring this work to the world.


What is Me Into You?

Every relationship is a folding of one person into another. Me Into You explores the experience of becoming one with someone else, and where lines dissolve between individuals. In Me Into You, the emphasis is on the individual's experience within a community of lovers.

Through this process, I became very aware of society's relationship to sexuality, and began to focus on those secret places many people typically consider too private to share. The camera became an integral part of my intimate life - as the boundaries dissolved in my relationships, so, too did the boundaries of what I was willing to share through the lens.

Like Nan Goldin and Malerie Marder, Keren Moscovitch grounds her work in autobiography, exploring, she says, "what happens when one's intimate life starts to lack boundaries." Her picture of a couple in bed, simultaneously clinging together and breaking apart, suggests the fraught dynamic of an open relationship - a moment when tenderness and tension are in uneasy balance. -Vince Aletti

About the monograph

I see this book as a permanent exhibit of the work. By making it, I hope to expose my audience to a broader definition of intimacy, and to new ways in which individuals and communities connect and experience sexuality.

The 8x12" monograph includes 35 color photographs from the series as well as an essay by acclaimed photographer and writer Allen Frame. It was published through Edition One Books, features a soft-bound art-paper cover and is limited to 150 signed and numbered copies. A beautiful gold foil stamp title adds to the collectibility of this volume.


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