A selection of my curatorial projects

  • Concerning Human Understanding

    This exhibition investigated artistic production through language, and engaged a discourse on communication, understanding and society. Featuring Sandra Erbacher, who questions and disrupts the authoritative monolith of institutions through playful critique of objects and language; Marianna Olinger, who investigates madness as a language through the process of deconstructing her own documentary film about a defunct mental institution; and Tim Roseborough, who challenges the viewing of artworks by using his own self-designed Englyph system to provoke a debate between written language and visual art. The show was accompanied by a panel discussion with the artists and art writer Thyrza Nichols Goodeve. (SVA Visual and Critical Studies Gallery, 2015)
  • Intimacy

    Photographers reveal their interpretations of the emotional, intellectual, physical, and sexual space in which humans inhabit. (Featureshoot, 2014; image by Sebastian Collett)
  • Run, Rabbit, Run

    The exhibition used the idea of psychedelia - an ancient Greek term for 'mind-manifesting' - to explore the manifestations of the mind: the weird, the crazy, the beautiful, the deeply private and the inconceivable. The works brought fantasies to life and memories to present time, delving into the deep crevices of the unconscious and included a curated performance. (SVA Flatiron Gallery, 2013)
  • Global Positioning System (So You Say You Want a Revolution)

    These artists explored themes of translation, cross-global movement, displacement, multiculturalism and hybrid identities and investigate the idea that the world is dissolving and re-congealing around the ability of people to communicate across borders, be in multiple places at once and create a non-linear movement space. (SVA Westside Gallery, 2012)
  • Condition X

    This exhibition focused on human frailty as expressed through love, death, sex, vulnerability and connection. The show ranged from artists who utilize traditional media to creating a tension between “soft” studio practice and the quick, contemporary communications that happen in a global society, to those who explore personal identity in video and interactive media. (SVA Westside Gallery, 2011)
  • Abstract Intentions

    Abstraction is a verb, an activity, an action. This exhibition featured artists who use their materials in new and unexpected ways, and create tools out of substance. (Co-curated with David Gibson; SVA Westside Gallery, 2010)